Software Development, design and built for Web and mobile solution

 We specialize in design, develop and delivering a fully integrated and innovated application software suited for the local as well as international requirements requirement from the scratch to meet the modern day Information Technology environment.


Our service consist of Software Development, Design and Built, which include mobile apps (iPhone and android) and Enterprise Software Solution.


We help you get your app published and achieve the best possible ranking with AppStore Optimisation.


We experience in website development and Responsive Website design and development which support online mobile apps.


We provide after sales system studies, project implementations and training on software systems to fully maximize the capabilities. 

ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning)

There are countless advantages of implement ERP software solution. ERP software can improve productivity, increase efficiencies, reduce cost and automated real time information with business intelligence and reporting.  

  - Supply Chain and Sales Management (sales and purchases)

Purchase Ordered, Invoices, Delivery Ordered (shipping and receiving)

  - Inventory Control

Stock Tracking, Transaction Log, Real Time Process and Monitoring

  - Marketing Control

Track potential clients, Daily Sales report

  -Product Life Cycle Management

Duration of Material / Services handling

  - Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Tracking customer status for any outstanding payment, goods delivery lead time and customer feedback.

  - Finance and Accounting

Accounts Receivable/Payable, Expenses Tracking, Fix assets, Purchasing, Financial Report, Bank Reconciliation, Payroll, Debit Note, Credit Note, Loans, Insurances, Time and attendance, customer deposits, general ledger, general journal, purchases journal, sales journal

  - E-Commerce

  - Preventive Maintenance

You can relax and relied on our Preventive Maintenance System to prevent downtime.

With our Preventive Maintenance System you can schedule things such as cleaning, adjustment, parts replacing, lubricating, oil change, repairs and inspecting to avoid unplanned downtime and expensive costs from unanticipated equipment failure.

  - Employee Management

Leave Management, Timesheets, user authority Control, attendances


Trial Balance, profit and loss statement and balance sheet

IT Hardware 

DoubleWood is the sole company in Malaysia using Innovative Global IT Solutions for Global Companies ACSL to enforce your OEM global pricing which yields significant Cost reduction for our customers. Allow user to order products and/or services from their customized, managed catalog and have them delivered, imaged and installed on-site with a single click.  All transactions are managed with predefined SLA’s and our robust reporting tools help to track progress and alert our team of a potential delay in advance. 

HR Consultancy and Recruitment Services

We provide Talent Acquisition for the Global Market. We bring together Top Talents, Market Leaders and Partners to business growth. We focus on sourcing the right and quality talents to be at the top of their fields. 

 Solutions Offered: 
   Recruitment process outsourcing  

   Contingent workforce Management. 

DoubleWood will take care of your Contingent workforce team compliance, payroll and risk Management for your business.
  Global Talent Acquisition. We connect you with global candidate databases to select the best talent around the Globe. 

DevOps and SRE Consultancy

DoubleWood has pool of talents that are DevOps and SRE experts to assist your in restructure or forming a new DevOps/ SRE Team. Implementing DevOps and SRE enable your company to be efficient, cost reductions, and posses stable applications in return bring good User Experiences to your customers.    


- Reduce toil in your company bring efficient and cost reductions. - Enable stable applications by reducing major incidents and quick resumptions.

- Enhance monitoring with end to end user experience monitoring. 

- Implement New SLO, SLI instead of just traditional SLA.